Lower Division (grades K-4)

For the Fall 2021 Semester, NYChessKids is offering both in-person and virtual afterschool programs for Lower Division students.

  1. In-person Program
    • Days: Wednesday-Friday 2:30-5:30PM.
    • Start date: Wednesday September 29.
    • Teachers:
      • Wednesday: NM James Lewis, NM Jeremiah Smith, Tamar Chanadiri
      • Thursday: NM Jeremiah Smith, Steven Hanania (math and robotics)
      • Friday: FM Ivan Gil Biag, Jason Gonzalez
    • Chess is offered at multiple levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
    • Students do not need prior chess experience to participate.
    • The program includes free weekend online group lessons as part of the package.
    • To find out more and to register, please visit https://www.nychesskids.com/q300-elementary-school.
  2. Online Program

Upper Division (grades 5-8)

For the Fall 2021 Semester, NYChessKids is offering an online afterschool program for Upper Division students.

  1. Online Program