BREAKING NEWS (12/25): The Puzzle Challenge has commenced! One month, 200 LiChess Puzzles. Open to all Q300 students/parents. Free tournament entries for all students who complete it. Follow along on the live standings page.

Starting in Spring 2019, the Q300 Chess Team has a “virtual home” –, a very popular online chess hub, which happens to be 100% free.  The number of things you can do on LiChess is simply astounding. Here is a short list:

  • Join the Q300 Chess Team and NYChessKids team pages, and challenge other students who are online.
  • Play a friend, or let the site match you up against a similar-level opponent.
  • Play training games vs. a computer, which can be tweaked to play on any level.
  • Create a catalog of your tournament games, and share it (privately) with NYChessKids coaches, who will help review your games.
  • Identify mistakes you made using the computer, and turn them into puzzles you can solve.
  • Solve LiChess-provided training exercises using the “Practice” feature.
  • Solve NYChessKids-provided puzzle sets, which are bundled with the video lessons.
  • Participate in online tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions, and lessons. We have these throughout the year, as well as over the summer.
  • Participate in fun team “challenges”. In July 2019, NYChessKids put together a USA – Philippines online match, which ended in a 25-25 tie, and came down to the last game, with Q300 superstar Gabriela pulling off a win for the tie.

LiChess “Cheat Sheet” is a detailed 1-pager we put together. It has step-by-step instructions on how to use the above-mentioned features, as well as many, many others.

Once you join LiChess, be sure to tell us your username and ask for a “who is who” list from us. And of course, be sure to join our WhatsApp channel to be notified about online events (tournaments, simuls, lessons, puzzle nights) when they occur.

To create a LiChess account, click here.