Q300 has partnered with NYChessKids to host a series of tournaments at the Lower Division (location) throughout the year, as well as “virtual home” tournaments starting in March 2020.

Physical (Lower Division) Tournament details (NYChessKids site)

Schedule for 2020-2021:

  1. Sunday June 7 RESULTS – Summer #1
  2. Sunday July 12 RESULTS – Summer #2
  3. Sunday Sep 13 RESULTS – Summer #3
  4. Sunday Nov 15 RESULTS – Fall #1
  5. Sunday Feb 21 RESULTS – Winter #1
  6. TENTATIVE: Sunday May 23 INFO REGISTER ENTRIES – Spring #1

The tournaments are open to students from all schools. Advance registration is required to play.

These events have been the starting point for many of our students in the past, a place where they learned about competition for the first time. The setting is familiar and stress-free – the kids get to play a real tournament while feeling completely at home. Players are grouped into sections by strength, so beginners will not have to play strong players. If your child has never played a tournament before, this is the right event for them – the “No Score” or “Novice” section will be perfect to start.

If you have any questions, please email us at Q300ChessTeam AT gmail DOT com, or just come by the next tournament – we will be happy to give you pointers. All Q300 community members are welcome – this is a very social event!