There are 2 types of sessions that take place throughout the year.

  1. Physical – occasional get-togethers at a pre-determined location (we have used The Strand on Broadway in the past). These do not happen very often, but when they do, they are a lot of fun.
  2. Virtual – using either LiChess or a video conference. These are often impromptu events, announced over our WhatsApp channel. Here are the different kinds of virtual sessions that take place:
    • Free Play. Kids log on to our LiChess team page for a few hours, and challenge/play one another. The list of participants is on the left side, and those who are online have a green circle next to their username. Read more about our LiChess community.
    • Simulaneous Exhibitions. A strong, usually master-level player will face multiple players at the same time, using the “simul” feature on LiChess. Here is a 20-board simul Sergey gave in November 2019: games page, Saudin’s broadcast.
    • Puzzle Nights. In Summer 2019, we first ran a series of Wednesday night events on LiChess, using their “study” feature (chess board + chat room). Kids were presented with a series of puzzles, and asked to solve them in real time. Visit our LiChess team page (linked above) to access the puzzle sets. Since then, we’ve done occasional Puzzle Nights during the summer months.
    • Online Chess Team Practice Group video training sessions led by International Master Saudin Robovic. These sessions cover a variety of chess topics, and carry an immense amount of practical value.
      • We will announce the sessions ahead of time via our WhatsApp channel, and put them on the calendar.
      • On the day of the session, the host will create a Zoom conference room. Attendees will receive the link several hours before start.
      • The session is split into several time periods (beginner, intermediate, advanced). You can choose to enter the room at the relevant time, or feel free to stay for the whole thing. The intermediate/advanced slots may be quite challenging to beginners.
      • Once the session begins, attendees will see/hear the coach + his screen in real-time. He will sometimes prompt for answers, which can be typed in using the chat interface, and he will occasionally enable audio for someone who wants to speak.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.