• We are participating in the following events as a team in 2020-21
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Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday
Weekly Team Meeting + Q&A
6:30pm – 7:30pm
To request Zoom link, email
Q300ChessTeam AT gmail DOT com

Past Events

Sunday 6/7/20Q300 Summer Home Tournament #1RESULTS.
Sunday 7/12/20Q300 Summer Home Tournament #2RESULTS
Sunday 09/13/20Q300 Summer Home Tournament #3RESULTS
Saturday 10/3/20Team Battle vs. SingaporeRESULTS
Sunday 10/25/20Team Battle vs. IsraelRESULTS
Sunday 11/01/20Multi-City Scholastic Team BattleRESULTS
Sunday 11/15/20Q300 Fall Home TournamentRESULTS
Weekend of 1/9-1/10NY State Girls ChampionshipRESULTS
Weekend of 1/30-1/31Greater NYC Scholastic ChampionshipRESULTS
Sunday 2/21/21Q300 Winter Home TournamentRESULTS
Sunday 2/28/21Packer School TournamentRESULTS
Sunday 5/23/21Astoria Park Meetup
Tuesday 6/22/21End-of-year Zoom Group Games
Tuesday 7/20/21Summer Puzzle NightPUZZLES