1. Date: Sunday November 15 (10AM start).
  2. Format: LiChess Swiss, 4 Rounds.
  3. Entry Fee: $0.
  4. Sections / Time Control:
    • Open, K-12 U1300, K-8 U900, Family: G/25 + 5s
    • K-6 U500, K-5 Novice: G/15 + 5s
    • Note: family members can play in either Open or Family section
  5. Registration Deadline: Saturday Nov 14, 12PM.
  6. Team Rooms are available! We will provide a Zoom breakout room for your team. At least one adult is required in the room at all times. Please email Q300ChessTeam AT gmail DOT com to request.
  7. Timeline:
    • Saturday 2PM: participants will receive e-mail with the check-in link. Check in early, or risk missing round 1.
    • Sunday 9AM: Zoom conference opens (see below).
    • Game Schedule (K-6 Under 500, K-5 Novice):
      • Round 1: 10:00AM
      • Round 2: 10:40AM
      • Round 3: 11:20AM
      • Round 4: 12:00PM
      • Awards (Zoom): 12:30PM or earlier
    • Game Schedule (Open, K-12 Under 1300, K-8 Under 900, Family):
      • Round 1: 10:00AM
      • Round 2: 10:50AM
      • Round 3: 11:40AM
      • Round 4: 12:30PM
      • Awards (Zoom): 1:00PM or earlier
  8. Note on Cheating: It is very important that you watch your kids.  Cheating is a very common problem for internet chess, and LiChess is especially good at catching it.  We have 0 tolerance – any players caught will be removed from the tournament and permanently banned.
  9. Zoom: We will be running a Zoom “tournament hall” conference on game day. The link will be emailed to participants on Saturday. Feel free to login as early as 9AM, and stay connected throughout. We’ll use the Zoom for many different things:
    • Tech support and Q&A
    • Select game reviews by IM Saudin Robovic
    • Opening / “welcome” ceremony
    • Award ceremonies
    • Team Rooms (see above)
  10. Misc Notes:
    • Round times may be slightly delayed, to ensure players get breaks between rounds
    • LiChess doesn’t prohibit teammates from playing one another
    • You must be a member of the “Q300 Home Tournaments” team to participate – please join: Note: this step is needed since LiChess only allows intra-team Swiss tournaments. We are not going to sell you anything.
    • A Live Standings page will be linked here the day of the tournament. It will show real player names, individual and team standings, and ongoing LiChess game links.

Please email us (Q300ChessTeam AT gmail DOT com) if you have any questions.

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