Dear Q300 students and parents,

The school year is over, welcome to summer!  COVID or not, time always flies when the weather is hot.

This year, the chess team accomplished a lot together.  Everyone got a lot better.  We got our first ever individual and team 1st place trophies at the City Championships in January.  The year ended without a sense of closure – no State tournament, no Nationals, no end-of-year party.  We have every right to be disappointed.

Having said that, we know there will be a vaccine at some point, and in-person chess will follow.  Our goal over the summer – practice, study, play, stay sharp!  If we avoid the “summer cliff”, the Q300 team will be hungry and ready to be THE BEST when the time comes.  We have a plan to stay active over the next few months.


Saudin’s camp starts next Monday July 6, and runs throughout the summer.  It will be structured similar to the online afterschool program (2-6pm), but with more resources (Katia is helping him teach).  He is offering weekly and monthly price plans, as well as a financial hardship scholarship to anyone affected by COVID.  We strongly recommend attending the camp; even if you miss one day here and there, it is not a problem.

– Info/registration:
– Camp Q&A session (this Thursday 8pm):


Our next online scholastic tournament is Sunday July 12.  The entry fee is $0. This is a great opportunity to play 4 slow games against kids from various schools.  The tournament will work almost exactly like the one in June, complete with a live standings page with LiChess plugins.  There is an appropriate section for everyone, including rookies.  Please register now, it takes 30 seconds – we need a strong headcount to show the world “we are ready for you”!

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Stay tuned to the WhatsApp group – there will be other tournaments and events throughout the summer.  I will host another puzzle night at some point.  We will bring back Sunday team battles in July (likely on a bi-weekly schedule).  Also, circle Saturday July 25 – it is the date of the next International Under 16 Team Battle.

Having said the above, I just want to thank coach Saudin Robovic again.  Even as he works hard to keep NYChessKids afloat, he continues to put time and energy into fostering our young talent.  Saudin, rest up well before next Monday!


Please reach out to us.

Have a great summer, and stay healthy,
Q300 Parent Leads