The second home tournament of the year took place at the Lower Division on Sunday November 17. The event saw 70 students attend, including 41 Q300 students.

Here are the section winners:

No Score (Pre-K to K): 8-way tie for first 1.5-1.5
Novice 1 (K-1): Katelyn Lee (Q300) and Nicole Cai (Q300) 3.5-0.5
Novice 2 (2-5): Lucas Georgatos (Q300) 4-0
K-1 (U500): Elliot Huang (Q300) 4-0
Booster (K-8 U600): Vidyut Arvind (Q300) and Roman Fayzulayev 3.5-0.5
Reserve (K-12 U1000): Wailea Schroffner (Q300) 3.5-0.5

Thank you to Saudin Robovic and the NYChessKids team for the organization!  You can read more about our home tournaments here. Full results as follows:

K-1, Booster, Reserve (rated sections)
No Score (unrated Pre-K to K)
Novice 1 (unrated grades K-1)
Novice 2 (unrated grades 2-5)