Our first home tournament of 2023 is in the books, yay!  We had over 110 players participating in 5 sections.  We were very excited to see many Q300 students joining a chess tournament for the first time.  A big Thank You to New York Chess Academy for running the tournament.  Also thank you to all the volunteers and Q300 staff members that made the event possible.  Here are some notable results from our students:

Novice 1: Arden Resing (3rd place)
Novice 2: Lucas Georgatos (2nd place), Aiden Lam (3rd place), Mateo Flores (4th place), Daniel Keating (5th place)
Elementary: Blaise Resing (1st place), Savannah Lin (2nd place), April Liang (3rd place), Eric Guzman (5th place)
Advanced: Colten Luo (1st place), Raymond Zhou (2nd place), Liaofan Chen (3rd place)
Championship: Dorothy Ma (2nd place), August Prasertsom (3rd place), Yuri Cortazar (4th place)

Congratulations to all the players!!