On Sunday February 9, Q300 Elementary School hosted our 3rd home tournament of the year. A total of 80 students attended, including 57 (!) kids from Q300. Both numbers are record highs.

The atmosphere was electric, especially since many of our kids just came off winning 3 team trophies at the City Championship (including a 1st place finish). The winners of the sections are as follows:

Novice 1 (K-1): Shawn Koza (NEST+m) 4-0
Novice 2 (2-5): Arjun Raghunath (TAG) 3.5-0.5
K-1 (U500): Nicole Cai (Q300) 4-0
Booster (K-8 U600): Yotam Shaul and Jake Wu (NEST+m) 3.5-0.5
Reserve (K-12 U1000): Yuri Cortazar (Q300) 4-0
Quads (1000+): Sascha Gordon-Zolov (Q300) 2-0

As always, big thanks go out to Saudin Robovic and the NYChessKids team for the top notch organization. You can read more about our home tournaments here. Here is the full set of results:

K-1, Booster, Reserve (rated sections)
Novice 1 (unrated grades K-1)
Novice 2 (unrated grades 2-5)