Wow, what a weekend.

On February 1-2, Q3CT competed in the first championship of 2020, held in Brooklyn, NY. A total of 38(!) Q300 students came together to make history – our largest ever away turnout, and the 7th biggest school team there. The total turnout was 1640 – record attendance for a NYS tournament.

Our kids were not to be intimidated. After the dust settled and the results came in, Q300 students came up big:

  • K-9 Under 1300: Eric Winsan (grade 4) tied for 15th, Sascha Gordon-Zolov (grade 7) took 2nd among those rated U900.
  • K-6 Under 1000: Wailea Schroffner (grade 3) won 4th place, contending for 1st til the end.
  • K-6 Under 700: Yuri Cortazar (grade 4) and Landon Koh (grade 1) tied for 11th, and the Team won 5th place.
  • K-3 Under 600: Galina Shchukin (grade 2) co-champion with a perfect 5-0, Raymond Zhou (grade 2) tied for 10th, Gael Sureiro (grade 2) took 3rd unrated, and the Team won 4th place.
  • K-1 Under 400: Landon Koh (grade 1) co-champion with a perfect 5-0, and winner of the playoff for 1st place, Anusha Tuladhar (grade 1) tied for 8th, and the Team won 1st place!

Check out the highlights video put together by one of our parents:

Congratulations to all our students, and a big thank you to coaches Saudin Robovic and Ivan Gil Biag for their tireless work. Onwards and upwards – the sky is the limit. You can view the final championship standings here.

Here is the full list of Q300 team members (some played in multiple sections):

– K-6 Championship (1): Andy Jiang.
– K-12 Under 1900 (1): Tyler Horiuchi.
– K-9 Under 1300 (3): Eric Winsan, Sascha Gordon-Zolov, Jeremy Li.
– K-6 Under 1100 (1): Alexandra Ghile.
– K-3 Under 1000 (4): Wailea Schroffner, August Prasertsom, Tyler Li, Gabriela Ghile.
– K-6 Under 700 (13): Landon Koh, Yuri Cortazar, Vidyut Arvind, Isaac Zou, Galina Shchukin, Lexie Qin, Elizabeth Li, Zoe Marketan, Michael Huang, Julia Leopando, Emily Zou, Henry Leopando, Matthew Huang.
– K-3 Under 600 (7): Galina Shchukin, Raymond Zhou, Eli Elrod, Nathan Peled, Gael Sueiro, Evan Schaefer, Emily Huang.
– K-1 Under 400 (10): Landon Koh, Anusha Tuladhar, Dorothy Ma, Jayden Reinertsen, Nicole Cai, Katelyn Lee, Elliot Huang, Eric Huang, Eric Guzman, Moana Schroffner.