Hello!  November chess team update for y’all.

Team Shirts

Today is the last day to order if you want one in time for the November home tournament.  Order here: q300chess.com/shirts.

Simul: TONIGHT, 7PM.

Special Q300 event!  I am talking on 20 Q300 kids at once, in a simultaneous display on LiChess.  Currently all 20 spots are filled, but if you want to join the waitlist, let me know.  Cheer on the kids by watching the live broadcast on the NYChessKids streaming page, with live commentary by coach Saudin Robovic.  To learn about these events in real time, join our WhatsApp group.

LiChess Free Play: Tomorrow (Sunday), 6-8PM.

Our LiChess community has been growing, so we are piloting a group get-together.  Join our Chess Team page: lichess.org/team/q300-chess-team, and head over there Sunday at 6PM.  On the left side, you will see a list of member usernames; those who are online have a green circle next to them.  “Free Play” is not just limited to Sunday – you can play anytime!  But the more kids/parents show up at once, the better the chances of finding someone ready to play.  For more about our LiChess community, including instructions how to use LiChess, check out q300chess.com/lichess.

Home Tournament #2Sunday 11/17, Lower Division.

The flagship, coming up in 2 weeks.  Infinite number of reasons to join.  Sign up now to get maximum discount (Q300 parents: contact us for additional discounts).  +Spread word to friends at local schools!  More info: q300chess.com/q300-home-tournaments.

2020 Plans.

A little early, but we are starting to make plans for State (Saratoga Springs, March 14-15) and Nationals (Nashville/Opryland, May 8-10).  Don’t be intimidated by the tournament names – these are well-organized events, with rookie sections to boot, and most importantly – well-paced, lots of time between games.  These trips are amazingly fun and a great team experience.  We expect to have 20+ kids in Saratoga. More details: q300chess.com/full-tournament-schedule.  If you are thinking of joining or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out.


If you missed it earlier, great story by Sascha Gordon-Zolov in the Bulletin about his chess experience during his family’s semester abroad in Chile.  Cross-posted in our blog: “The Language of Chess” q300chess.com/the-language-of-chess.