Hello from Q3CT!  Hope everyone is adjusted back.  This is a pretty short update (by my standards).

  • We had our “Welcome Back” party on September 15.  There were well over 100 people there, and it was awesome.  The energy level was high, the kids had a ton of fun, and we are fully plugged into 2019-2020.  Great to see everyone!
  • The following Sunday September 22 we went to Hunter.  We had 24 kids attend – far and away a record for us.  I suspect it’s not the last time we will break records this year.  In case you missed my facebook note – the vibe was good, the kids did amazing, and we brought home some awards (and this is just a short list – many others earned trophies).  Full results here.
    • Reserve Section: Alexandra Ghile shared first place with a perfect 4-0.
    • Primary Section: Gabriela Ghile and Elizabeth Li tied for 6th place with 3-1 scores. 
    • Unrated Grades 2-3: Nathan Peled took second place with a 3-1 score.
    • Unrated Grades K-1: Landon Koh tied for 3rd place with a 3-1 result.
  • Due to the overall interest, we decided to add another away tournament to the schedule.  We are going to Avenues on Sunday October 6!  The location is convenient – a 7-train trip to Hudson Yards.  We currently have 11 players signed up.  Spots are running out, and early bird discount ends tomorrow – so if you want to go, sign up soon.  We will have a team room, and coaches Chris and Saudin are coming with us!  This will be fun.
  • Our first Q300 “home” tournament is coming up on Sunday October 20.  It’s our community flagship event, so it’s time to break some attendance records again.  All relevant information + registration link is here.  Be sure to invite all your friends, see you there.
  • Speaking of home tournament – the Team T-Shirt order will go in very soon.  If you want to have a team shirt by 10/20, be sure to order yours in the next day or so.

Those of you paying attention (and following hyperlinks) may notice something very very new in this update…  Have fun, explore it, and let me know what you think.

See you soon,
Sergey, Mark, Luke, Carol