Hi fellow Q300 chess parents (+newcomers!),

The end of the school year is upon us, but guess what – chess doesn’t end!  Coming off our first-ever “First Place Team” award at NEST+m, we are riding a major hot streak.  And unlike years past, we have a summer schedule to tell you about, in large part due to Saudin + NYChessKids, and our newfound “chess playground” – LiChess.org.  All events are free, and open to all Q300 (current+incoming) students.

Here are the upcoming events:

  1. Tomorrow (Wednesday) June 12, 8:30pmLiChess “Puzzle Night”, curated by yours truly.  I will present some interesting and famous puzzles, and the kids/parents will have a chance to solve.  Creative thinking required!  Feel free to join the “study room” (link above) right now – the show will start tomorrow night 8:30.  I hope to make this a weekly occurrence.
  2. This Saturday June 15, 10-noon: Welcome Breakfast for New Q300 Families.  OK, this one isn’t really a chess event, but it sort of is – we need to show up in numbers, wear the chess shirts, and let incoming parents know all about Chess @ Q300!  Follow the above link for volunteer opportunities – the org crew needs your help.  Also, if you can make it to the Elementary School New Family Registration Event on June 17 or 20, please sign up here.  Wear the chess shirts to this one as well.
  3. This Saturday June 15, 4-5pmSimultaneous Exhibition with GM Oliver Barbosa.  This is an absolutely next-level opportunity – the kids get to pile on a grandmaster!  Spots are filling quickly, so hurry.  The last online simul vs. Saudin was a huge success, so the series continues in a big way.  Pre-registration required, limited to 20 players, must join on time.  There will be an opportunity to watch and follow along as well – I will post a link at game time.
  4. Sunday June 23, 6-7:15pmOnline tournament.  Time to let it all out!  Open to all Q300/NYCK kids and their family members (no masters allowed though).  Format is a little different than usual – “arena” (FAQ here).  This will be a fast event, time control will be 10 minutes + 10 extra seconds per move.  There will be a prize for the top student finisher.  Pre-registration required.
  5. Sunday June 30, 6-7pmSimultaneous Exhibition with Coach Ivan (FM Ivan Gil Biag).  Coach Ivan is next in the simul series – the kids get to challenge someone they are familiar with!  Pre-registration required, limited to 20 players, must join on time. 
  6. … (TBD)
  7. Saturday July 27, 7am.  International Chess Match: USA vs. Phillipines.  The most intriguing event of the summer, a friendly match between 15 NYChessKids/Q300 students and 15 kids from Manila.  It will be played at 7am our time and 7pm their time, to accommodate both sides of the globe.  Registration will be available soon!

  • Additional Notes
    • Once you are on LiChess – join us,¬†find the others.
    • Q300-centric LiChess guide (similar to the one I gave out at the May 5 tournament) available¬†here.
    • If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out to me.