On behalf of the Q300 Chess Team (“Q3CT”) – a warm welcome back to you, and your family!  I hope nobody slept through school the last 2 days (good luck with the schedule adjustment!)

Here is a passing thought, as we transition back.  If Q3CT had a pulse, it would probably need to be referred to the doctor.  There is so much energy in the proverbial “building” – it is pervasive, and flows through random conversations.  There is a very clear “chess culture” happening.  It feels like we are on the verge of something big.

To recap Q3CT’s summer in one phrase: “no let up!”  For the first time, we had a summer plan, which heavily leveraged the internet (LiChess).  The plan was executed to perfection – the kids stayed active, and had lots of fun in the process.  We had weekly Puzzle Nights, the NYCK chess camp and training tournaments, online tournaments, and lest we forget – the memorable USA – Philippines match in July (25-25 tie!).  We enter 2019-20 fully warmed up, and ready for new peaks to come.

So, how do we start the year?  We are having a “Welcome Back” party!

– When: Sunday September 15, 1pm
– Where: Q300 Elementary School (P.S. 17 campus).  We will be in the lunch room/gym, just like the “home” tournaments.
Please RSVPhttp://evite.me/xfMjbFSseb.

Note: RSVP will help a lot with planning.  But if you find yourself available at the last minute, please feel free to join anyway.  Also, your entire family, and the entire Q300 community at-large is more than welcome.

This is a valuable team building opportunity – we really don’t get together all that often, outside of tournaments.  This will allow us to put some names to faces, hang out, and chart the path forward.  For new kids/parents, it will give them a chance to get all their questions answered, and bond with the group in an informal setting.

We will have numerous chess activities for the kids – a puzzle solving contest, games vs. one another, a “blitz challenge” vs. coaches, and more.  Our “away” tournament schedule will be finalized – we will tell you which tournaments we want to crash In numbers.  We will also present our vision for the year 2019-20 and beyond, including team training sessions, and the unveiling of the brand-new “online learning” NYChessKids portal – something Saudin and team have been working very hard on.

Let’s kick the year off right.  See you on Sunday the 15th!