Hello from Portugal!  (This update brought to you in part by Port wine).

So, usually summers and chess don’t really coexist…  This summer has changed all that.  In large part due to LiChess and our NYCK partners, Q300 kids have been actively practicing and playing!  Here is a short recap:

  • Wednesday puzzle nights (123456, more coming).  Early (paid) reviews are in – kids love puzzles!
  • 3 free NYCK online tournaments (123, more coming).  There are numerous pluses the new format has brought – the tournaments are free, easy to manage alongside other weekend plans (the Sunday 6-7pm time slot really helps), and most importantly – the kids are staying sharp and playing.
  • The NYCK USA vs. Philippines online match last Saturday was a rousing success.  Q300 kids comprised 13 out of the 25 players on the U.S. side.  The 7 A.M. time slot was a tough one for many, but the opportunity to play kids on the other side of the globe was worth it.  The kids logged in and played…and played…and played…  According to my calculations, the match ended a 25-25 tie, and came down to the last game – one that USA (Gabriela) came back to win, and tie the match!  Saudin was running a top-notch live feed during the match, check out the recording here.
  • NYChessKids summer camp took place July 8-19 at Q300.  My daughter had a ton of fun there.  And it wasn’t all chess either!
  • Saudin and NYCK have been running practice tournaments at their learning center in Manhattan (every 2nd Sunday).  Many of our kids play there, and really like it!

Now, here is the schedule of upcoming events:

  1. This Sunday August 4 (6:00 – 7:15pm): LiChess online tournament #4 (with prizes!).  Inforegistrationlist of entries Important update: this Sunday features a “rookie” section (under 500).  This rating-based segregation mirrors a concept long embraced by real-life tournaments, and will lead to a much better learning (and competitive) experience for all.  If you have kids who have little or no experience, I recommend signing them up this Sunday – they will face level-appropriate competition.
  2. Wednesday August 7 (7:30pm): Lichess Puzzle Night returns!  + every Wednesday for the rest of the summer.  The link will be posted to our WhatsApp LiChess group (if you want to join, send me an email).
  3. Sunday August 11: NYCK Learning Center tournament (detailsregistration).  These have been well-attended by Q300 kids all summer.  
  4. Sunday August 18 (6:00 – 7:15pm): LiChess online tournament #5.
  5. Sunday August 25: NYCK Learning Center tournament (detailsregistration).
  6. Sunday September 1 (6:00 – 7:15pm): LiChess online tournament #6. 
  7. Sometime in early September: chess team kickoff event / party.  Stay tuned for details…


  • We are just scratching the surface on LiChess.  Saudin is working on some very exciting ways to expand the NYCK curriculum, and make it more interactive (including puzzle sets and training exercises).  And there is a good chance that one of the upcoming Puzzle Nights will involve an integrated video stream.
  • Once you are on LiChess – join usfind the others.
  • Q300-centric LiChess guide (similar to the one I gave out at the May 5 tournament) is available here.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, or Mark, Carol, Luke.