Quick update from Q3CT!  Hope you all had a fantastic Autumn weekend, and went out and saw some leaves.

One small aside – how many of you/your kids are on LiChess?  (if you are – join us, find the others)  The last 2 nights, Coach Saudin has been offering to play games vs. the students – basically saying “come and take me”.  Super valuable experience for the kids, and a great way for the coach to get to know them personally.  Join to our LiChess WhatsApp group to be notified about impromptu events like that.

Without further ado:

Home Tournament – October 20 (infoentriesregister)

Coming up next Sunday.  Lots of beginner sections for rookies, very easy to get started (if you have questions, email me).  Many of you are already registered, but those of you who aren’t – early bird discount runs out tomorrow 12PM.  +Courtesy of Saudin – contact us to get another $15 off (early bird price will become $20).  This week, many outsiders will be looking at our “entries” page, thinking about whether to play or not.  So all of us have a tiny little role in making this a “destination” event.  The event will feature an info desk / demo station, to let you test drive our latest training and LiChess features.

REQUEST – We need parent volunteers to contribute drinks/snacks/bites, and to help at the food/drinks table!  Please reach out to Carol.


The Chess Team now has a site!  https://www.q300chess.com.  We’ve been hinting at it, and dropping links to various pages over the past 2 weeks, and now it’s out of ‘stealth’ mode.  Feel free to browse, and if you have ideas to improve it – we would love to hear them.  This is also the best way to tell someone about us – just give them the link.  Special thanks to parent Ivan Cortazar for hosting, and laying the site groundwork a year ago.  Also, if you have a blog post to contribute – please reach out out to me.  There are some fun ones coming in the next month-2 😉

Girls Championship 2019 (inforegister)

The NY State Girls Championship is coming up at Columbia Grammar School (UES) on Sunday November 24.  This is a great experience – we had 14 girls playing in the last one.  If you have a daughter who plays chess, you should definitely consider this event.  No tournament experience is necessary.  There is a friendly Q300 girls “get-together” and prep session in the works in early November, so if you want to join, please let me know ASAP.

That’s all folks!  See you all next Sunday.


P.S. Look for a very interesting story in the October Q300 newsletter, from one of our students…