Dear Chess Families of Q300,

As many of you know, this weekend’s Saratoga State Championship in Saratoga Springs has been cancelled.  This is of course not a surprise to anyone – public health comes first.

Even though the situation makes sense to us adults, the kids had been preparing and looking forward to this for some time.  It would be sad to completely deprive them of chess on a weekend they planned to basically eat pieces for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So we will not let them down!  We have a whole weekend of online chess festivities planned:

  1. Saturday 5-6:30pm: interactive Group Video Lesson with coach and International Master Saudin Robovic (aka. Mr. Bear).
      – Open to the entire Q300 community.
      – Zoom conference link: Q300 folks – contact us, and we’ll email it to you.
      – Beginners: join at 5pm.
      – Intermediate: join at 5:30pm.
      – Advanced: join at 6pm.
  2. Saturday 7-8pm: Simultaneous Games!  A horde of kids gets to take on parent and National Master Sergey Shchukin.
      – Limited to the first 30 to sign up.
      – Open to all Q300 kids and siblings.
      – Q300 folks – contact us ASAP, and we’ll email you a registration link.
      – Coach Saudin will be live-streaming this event:
  3. Sunday 5-7pm: The first ever Online Team Battle vs. TAG Young Scholars.  Just arranged today!  2 G&T NYC schools, going head-to-head.
      – Stay tuned for details via the WhatsApp group (to join, just ask).
      – Saudin will also be live-streaming this:

It may be easy to view the whole world on lockdown as a reason to get depressed.  Instead, let’s view it as an opportunity, be thankful for what we have, and tell your kids all about the fun going on this weekend!

Q3CT Chess Team and Mr. Big Bear
Mark, Sergey, Carol, Luke, Saudin