Q300 Chess team (Q3CT) had an very exciting and successful tournament last Saturday at the CIS Keith Powers Chess Challenge at PS 59M.  It was the first in-person chess tournament for many of the students in 2 years.  We had a team of 17 students participating in the event.  Coach James from NYChessKids also came to support the students.  Here’s our awesome result:

  • K-12 Open (1500 & up) Andy Jiang (grade 8) co-champion with a perfect 3-0
  • JH-HS Novice (K-12 Under 1100) Alexandra Ghile (grade 8) tied for 6th place.  Vicki Yan (grade 6) tied for 16th place.  Our team won 2nd place!
  • EL Novice (K-5 Under 1000) Dorothy Ma (grade 3) co-champion with a perfect 4-0.  Aiden Sun (grade 2) tied for 5th place.  Gabriela Ghile (grade 5) and Landon Koh (grade 3) tied for 13th place.  Claire Yan (grade 2) tied for 16th place.  Our team won 1st place!!!
  • EL Rookie (K-5 Under 600) Naomi Lu (grade 1) tied for 8th place.  Our team took 7th place.

Check out some highlights from the day:

Congratulations to all the Q300 players and a big Thank You to coach James for supporting and coaching the students.  Here’s the full list of participants:

  • K-12 Open (1500 & up) Andy Jiang
  • JH-HS Novice (K-12 Under 1100) Alexandra Ghile, Vicki Yan, Julia Leopando
  • EL Novice (K-5 Under 1000) Dorothy Ma, Aiden Sun, Gabriela Ghile, Landon Koh, Claire Yan, Michael Huang
  • EL Rookie (K-5 Under 600) Naomi Lu, Otis Kermish, Atticus Newbury, April Liang, Scarlett Kwong, Ethan Zheng, Audrey Newbury

Please contact us if your child is interested in joining the Q300 Chess Team or the upcoming tournaments.