What a beautiful day to play chess in Bryant Park on 5/1/22! It was our first outdoor team tournament of the year and kids enjoyed running around the park in between the rounds. Our team of 17 won multiple team awards and some individual awards. Here are the highlights:

  • Advanced (K-12 under 1000) Our team took 1st Place: Dorothy Ma, Landon Koh, Aiden Sun, and Yuri Cortazar
  • Reserve (K-8 under 800) Our team took 3rd Place: Dan Dang Vu and Gael Sueiro
  • Elementary (K-6 under 500) Our team took 1st Place: Max Baker, Liaofan Chen, Elliot Huang, and Blaise Resing. Also congrats to Max (7th place), Liaofan (9th place), and Elliot (11th place) for winning 3 games each.
  • Novice (K-2 under 600) Our team took 2nd Place: Scarlett Kwong, Preston Yiu, Otis Kermish, and Ethan Lopez. Also congrats to Scarlett for winning 4th Place with 3.5 points, and Preston (15th place) for winning 3 games.

Good Job to all the team members who participated in the event. Here are some photos from the tournaments: